Lee Kuan Yew took a Boeing 747 flight from Tan Son Nhut airport in Gia Dinh province, returned to the lion island nation at a red dawn on the horizon … The flight took off a long way on the runway, as long as that Ly Quang Dieu’s heart when listening to the French call Saigon the Pearl of the Far East.

At that time, Saigon was the capital of French Indochina Federation in the early twentieth century (Far East here is only 3 colonies in the easternmost of France, including Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia).

On October 23, 1967, Joel R. Kramer wrote on the Harvard Crimson page about Lee Kuan Yee’s meeting with students in an auditorium on the campus of Harvard University.

During the talk that day, the 44-year-old Li family thoughtfully thoughtfully many times and then spoke with a British accent that Singapore had succeeded in its construction and Saigon had failed to do so …

“If you can find the group of men who could do it,”
“Saigon can do what Singapore did.”
“If one looked at Saigon and Singapore in 1954, one would have said Singapore was the goner, not Saigon.”

“If you find a tribe that can do it … Saigon can do what Singapore has done.
If one looks at Saigon and Singapore in 1954, it can be said that Singapore is almost a discarded item, not Saigon. ”

After Singapore gained independence in 1967, first of all to build a country, it is first to think of the most basic foundation which is “station-line electricity”.

After 15 years of research, planning, and cost considerations compared to the newly formed economy, it was only in 1982 that the Tan Gia Ba people started digging and starting the MRT system (Mass Rapid Transit).

On November 7, 1987 the first train of the underground MRT transport system was pressed the start button.

Singaporeans making roads is the opposite of the older generation of Vietnam. Vietnam’s MRT system needs only 5 years to study but it will take 15 years to complete.

Abraham Lincoln said a sentence that probably everyone remembers “If I give 6 hours to chop down a tree, I will first spend 4 hours grinding my ax.”

The process of building Metro is a dark process at construction when the curse of a tunnel haunted by haunting people, workers and mechanics. Do not know how many people died, buried with the dome.

Singaporeans worry day and night, Lee Kuan Yew is lonely.

Singapore có 4 phần thì 3 phần là gốc Hoa nên tin vào thuyết tâm linh phong thủy. Lý Quang Diệu dù là vĩ nhân thì vẫn là người trần, ngày ngày đau đầu lo nghĩ. Cuối cùng quyết định mời Hong Chuan, một Phong thủy Đạo giả Hoa kiều về lập đàn tế thế trời đất.

Hong Chuan hôm trước gặp cụ Lý thì hôm sau đã bày binh bố trận bát quái…

Hương án chưng rồng xanh cuộn mình cánh tả, hổ vàng giơ nanh cánh hữu, ở giữa là tượng sư tử trắng mình cá, hương đàn chỉ một nén, rượu trắng đầy hai chum.

Còn mình, thân khoác hắc bào đầu quấn khăn trắng, tay trái cầm quạt, tay phải múa kiếm miệng lầm rầm… từ sáng đến trưa đứng ngọ thì tọa thiền ngồi nghỉ.

Tuyệt thực 7 ngày 7 đêm, tuyệt giao thất tình lục dục, Hong Chuan hít gió uống sương hòng khai tâm đạo nhãn, soi long mạch.

After three nights of Saturday night, he called Ly Quang Dieu in, closed his eyes and whispered: “Stop giving up mie and teacher, Singapore is a masterpiece of spiritual land, with a dragon lying curled up towards the sky and its tail It was set down on the ground, the four surface veins crept everywhere … so the land was rich and green plants were like this. Now he sliced ​​across the socks into the veins. Tomorrow I planted a hexagram, asked the Emperor of the Earth to create a talisman, he made it for everyone to wear to protect their lives. If we can do that, after the peaceful national life, all people will be satisfied ”.

The next day, when the sky was getting dark, Hong Chuan sent Ly a picture of the family, the heart was the eight trigrams, saying, “Make this charm for at least seven seven forty-four thousand people who always carry it with them.” the success, and the whole country on the bottom told each other that wearing social prosperity prosperity.

Ly Quang Dieu shed tears, bowed his head to look at the talisman, contemplated for a while and then said, “The Master of the Kingdom and the National Master, our Tan Gia Ba cabinet here has more than 500 people. 2.8 million people, where is it easy to give and announce? Master, huh … ”

Just looking up, the image of Hong Chuan has faded away, leaving only echo echoed in the ears of “everyone”.

The young man, Li, thought for three days and nights, never coming out, and finally came home to show his love to his wife.

After listening to Kha Ngoc Chi, she smiled and softly said, “You are too stupid, I put the bowl of that bag on the one dollar coin, all over the country if you don’t bring it with you, I’m not Kha Ngoc Chi.” .

They watched Li’s wife not say a word, wrapped in blankets together to sleep.

On a late spring day in 1987, when the Agsana flowers were yellow throughout the streets, Lee Kuan Yew issued a one-dollar-dollar-shaped note. Exactly three days later, everyone in Singapore brought with them, not missing one person.

Since then, Singapore has grown rapidly, the whole world calls Singapore “Asian Dragon”.

Hearing the story, the man went to the street with one hand and tried to go home like a young man named Ly when he went home still lost to his wife. In fact, when talking about the book lamp career, they were one step ahead of Kha family in Economics and Politics at Raffles Academy, when they were still young.

Kha Ngoc Chi, after succeeding in giving up, called her husband to be small and teach:

“Brother, out of society, there are only two ways to win people’s hearts, one is to use human mind to get consensus of people’s hearts. The second is to create coercion (mandatory) based on the mutual benefit of the community. So later on, Singapore wanted to make a social network and remember this.

– It is in Singapore, only a few million people, less than 300 square miles, but a country as large as mainland China?

Kha Ngoc Chi answered slowly.

China from 221 BC to the present can be said to be the same way. China ‘s population is nearly one and a half thousand thousand, and the mainland is over 3.7 million square miles, 13,000 times larger than our country. To govern such an aggressive, self-reliant people, only the law and the law are more than martial law.

In the old days of the Qin Shi Huang Dynasty onwards, the regime of the King, one person said, the urgency must be heard. Forever later, the Party regime, a Party directive, hundreds of ministries simultaneously.


Nowadays, democracy is higher, technology is developed, it is Ai-ruled regime. (Ai: Artificial Intelligence). The reality is that computing has driven people.

China has built a Social Credit System (SCS) to evaluate personal credit scores, after a long time of social listening.

SCS has been a topic of discussion in the West since 2014, so far 6 years of research and development, China plans to release SCS in 2020, which is also the time that PBOC (People Bank of China) released. The digital currency, stablecoin, first in the world, was the same quote from a central bank.

This will help China transition to digital currency from mobile money in order to be ahead of its time.

To build SCS, three main modules must be built to control human data, namely:
1. Finance
2. Society
3. Education

Financial economy takes the monetary flow as the root and establishes the database.
Social culture takes language, speech, and gestures to make machine learning behave.
The culture of education takes people as the root and lets the Ai (Ai) manage the subject.

In short, SCS is a system of artificial intelligence, data science. By the way, you let Cu Long go to Computer science school right for me …

The PBoC appoints contractors to private contractors such as Tencent, which has social networks Wechat, Wechat Pay; Alibaba has e-commerce, Alipay payment application for consumers, analyzing big data from all sources.

Tencent and Alipay combined have enough data for all Chinese people. SCS uses technology solutions such as social listening, Ai Machine Learning, Big Data to analyze data; Since then, it has been based on the citizen citizenship system (digital citizen) of Sesam Credit, Pengyuan Credit Service … and many 3rd contractors participated in the contest.

The role of the PBoC has changed, not only to check the balance sheet but also to get involved in technology. Digitize all transactions of businesses, commercial banks and consumers. Presenting solutions from the top, managing the problem at its root, under the Ai-ruled regime.

People without money are friendly riots.
Enterprises without money, the economy is disabled.
If the economy lacks money, the nation falls.

All economic, financial, cultural, social, security and educational behaviors are based on cash flow and follow the flow of water. All cash flows must flow through the PBoC.

/ *
When people talk about stablecoin issued by private sector like Facebook with Libra, I said that I am anti-stablecoin because private sector cannot do it. Although I personally support the private sector to do that, as a result, the approach to privatization of money takes place faster. Although I said Facebook did it wrong, it was in the early stages. I personally support Libra but in the future.
* /

Talking about the dark side of the model like China’s SCS, personal opinion could say like this: The religion of heaven and earth flows to the valley. We cannot live without the role of a rule-of-law state, even in an isolated three-kingdom empire. And democracy is the story of many people. If fate is a fish, my job is to swim.

Or as Ngo Thi Nham said, “World War, Spring and Autumn, meet the times, the world must be like that”.

So I personally support SCS because I cannot do it.

SCS began running a sandbox in pilot mode, each citizen receiving 1,000 credits.

Citizens who have committed the act of theft, instead of restricting the old regime by cutting off their fingers, now deduct credit.

Going to the airport and cursing at him will get credit deducted. Next time banning flying, banning trains, you only have to walk 1000km to visit the countryside?

Citizens who do charity are given credits. Where to do charity? Via Alipay, Wechat Pay.

CCTV system with Ai-based face recognition observed everywhere, traffic police want to take bribes, they only stay in motels.

Students who get a high score will be awarded credits. Later SCS is evaluated right in the CV.

Businesses who evade taxes except credits. After all, he could not stand up.

Citizens who take the dogs to the streets and leave them will have their credits and money deducted directly from their e-wallets. Later, he tried to accumulate good deeds to earn Credit.

One of the downsides of SCS is that citizens who make opposing comments on the regime are deducted from Credit. In the future, undoubtedly Chinese democrats will protest. The government wants to solve it, just do a simple thing regulate the debate pool democratic voices, referendum. For example, open a pool on Wechat for you to “swear” from a certain time to a certain time.

The problem is not because of the Ai-ruled regime or what it is, the problem is with people …

Just like that, the SCS system with the Ai-ruled system gives citizens a score that goes on increasing over the years until computers “dominate” humanity. “Domination” is temporarily thought of as the “right of life” of a Supreme Ai judge …

Statistical report on SCS, so far after a period of testing, recorded:

– More than 17.5 million tickets purchased from citizens with low SCS have been canceled. No flying allowed.
– And the same as above with 5.5 million times to buy train tickets.
– 290000 people were not promoted to manager level because of low SCS.
– 1400 dog owners have had their SCS deducted and have to pay a fine for letting dogs “rebel” in public but are not responsible for handling the consequences like dogs being pummeled on the street without cleaning.

Talking about the Social Credit System, there is an opposite model of how to do it is Token Economy in terms of total supply.

SCS starts with a fixed fund of “points” on each user-count and increases in number to gradually increase the value of “points” in the timeline.

As for Token economy, it will also start with a fixed fund of “point” but decrease in number to increase the value of “point” according to the timeline, and according to a circulating period is the supply or not. Other stories about economics.

So if comparing the two models above, Lotus’s token economy compared with China’s Social Credit System is said to be completely opposite but has the same purpose.

(Saying Lotus Token Economy is completely wrong, I’ll discuss later).


“What is Vietnam doing to build a management mechanism during the transition from 0.4 to 4.0?”. Lee Kuan Yew asked.
“Ask Hungkaka later”. Replied Kha Ngoc Chi.

Written by Hung kaka
Editor: Doocvii