After the trip back from Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, she planned to take action: Take a break from wholesale wholesale groups, abandon wholesale markets, focus on working with factories in the world. Mainland China.

She orders a wide range of products, from apparels to accessories, shoes and bags. Each product category, each product line she took thousands of SKUs, divided into 05 stores. The rich man gave her both talent and talent, doing business smoothly …

Her mother saw her daughter in hard labor, advised, “Son, the boat is big and the waves are large, what are you planning to do?” How much is enough?”

She replied quickly, “I have to change Vietnam’s textile and apparel industry.”

Sales staff Vat Gia, Red Lotus call to tell her about B2B2C, B2B, B2C … Zalora and Lazada employees tell her about the blue ocean, that the niche market, then one-sided marketplace, multi-sided marketplace, come on is sales campaign, promotion … Hotdeal staff, Nhommua, Cungmua told me about sales margin, group-buying, minimum-buying … She hung up the phone, thinking, “I’m tired”.

If my sister is 75% water, the remaining 25% is work, more and more work, she does not study e-commerce, business management … so chaotic.

One day, she lamented to her children, “The work is so much tiring, the whole city lives on top of each other, but the love is not there, probably quit too, back to the countryside to raise fish and grow more vegetables.”

“At the foot of the Truc Linh mountain, there is a handsome, good-trained martial arts master, on the path of heaven, through human affection, among the people of the world, he can clearly see his life. I used to find an excuse to talk, every time I saw that I was so poor, I was drunk bye when I first met. “

On Sunday morning, it was early autumn and winter, the dust was drizzle, the wind blew from the hair, she put on a Nike Dri-fit sports suit, a pair of Nike Air shoes of Replica goods, crossed the lane to find the taste. military counselor.

After seeing that her figure was dumbfounded, the soldier master made tea and waited, then invited her to meditate, graciously asked: “I have a problem when I come to the mall.”

She paused for a while.

The counselor looked at her from top to bottom for a while, then stopped on the shoulder, involuntarily took a sip of tea, pointing the mountain in the distance behind her …

Ms. Mai Hoa contemplated for a while then said, “The adviser is that the mountains are higher, the jobs are the same as the mountains, I’m good at a job, others follow a career, whatever I know, I do, no. If you know, then go ask, find other people to work with you, your own decisions, what you do not know, let others worry, avoid hugging heavy straw, right?

“I mean looking at the mountain may be far away, but why is it so close today?”

“Yes, I understand”. Sister and counselor, eye to eye not say, goodbye.

She came to collaborate with her best friend in Saigon, looking for an outsourcing team to make web, customize layout, and an online marketing team. In the capital, she hired a sales team cum CS, both offline sales and online store management. She is the owner of Fanpage, Brand ambassador. Who else grows this potato? Even if there are 10 people searching for 7 days and 7 nights in the Inner City, no one can match her beauty.

She became aware of email marketing, facebook marketing … and was very expensive, soon famous throughout Hue City.

On June 27, 2007, she accepted an invitation from the Business Development Head, boarding the flight at dusk, to attend the opening ceremony of

# 10 Ebay VN – The one who is born in a wrong time

On Monday morning in the middle of June, McDonagh, Director of eBay in Southeast Asia exploded the launch of, with the ambition to “popularize the online shopping culture for developing countries, including Vietnam. ”.

Westerners who come to Vietnam to work, have not seen anyone particularly good. Aside from being friendly, from their own language, they often say, “Such an amazing idea!” “You did great!” But deep down they thought their race was civilized above all else. species.

They are friendly but do not value people from “third countries”. When I lived in Europe, I saw this very clearly. Say it also need to think again, sometimes Vietnamese people or “sneaky”, doing business is “snatching”, do not respect each other, do not know how to help each other to go on foot, but every step of the way to step forward, 10 parts 3 parts foreign exchange. It seems that in the same area, Koreans and Japanese are also less respectful. Well, slowly improving …

In this view, I strongly agree with Uncle Vuong, respect Vietnamese talents, everyone watching the clip of Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong talking to Viettel uncle Nguyen Manh Hung knows.

Ebay came to Vietnam very confident, and the more confident she was, the more frustrated she was, because she did not understand Vietnam, and she did not understand Mai Hoa. USP (unique selling point) Ebay platform is: Auction (Bidding price).

But when she met Mai Hoa, the power went out. Ebay or the multi-sided marketplace in Vietnam has launched forward auctioning techniques, reverse auctions will only do the initial color effect, mainly to “Pr”. And turning into a business module, one needs to think about, “dumping” is her selling art.

Ebay (Nasdaq: EBAY) was established in 1995, developed and successful through three periods:

i) Firstly selling second hand, foreigners selling second hand prices as well as giving. Westerners when throwing away old things, they have to pay more than bring them, so that someone can come and get them to help, so if Ebay can sell them at auction, earn a little more money, a job is double. His old is the new one and vice versa.

ii) Secondly, local retailers sell as an electronic store (e-stores).

iii) Tiếp theo khi mở rộng ra toàn cầu thì các nước Châu Á, Trung Đông, Châu Phi bắt đầu buôn bán nhỏ lẻ xuyên biên giới. Mua giá wholesale, bán giá retail, thu về “tỷ suất lợi nhuận”.

Sau đó mở ra thêm một ngạch, gọi là dropshipping e-commerce, đẩy mạnh ngoài biên giới, với cái trạm trung chuyển chính là China.

Các nhà bán lẻ chỉ ngồi dùng chuột, đôi ba clicks, gian hàng có hàng trăm sản phẩm. Khi có đơn hàng thì ngồi chờ notification tiền bắn về PayPal, không phải làm bất cứ gì thêm ở bất cứ khâu nào khác. Cứ như vậy hệ thống supply chain của consumer market cứ quay tròn tròn.

Dù thêm bao nhiêu ông lớn khác thì China vẫn luôn là tâm của địa cầu.

Hơn một năm sau, Ebay Vietnam tạm gọi là dừng bước, quay sang thiết lập liên minh với,

#11. Chodientu – Tiến thoái lưỡng nan

Chodientu was born at the same time with Vatgia, in 2006, the managing company is Peace Software Group (PeaceSoft Group), the predecessor of Nexttech Group now. Chairman of the group is Nguyen Hoa Binh, Mr. Binh thinks that he is very good, the flag is fast as possible, wide vision, multidisciplinary software business, although there is no big back but going up from the table his hand. Nearly all Peacesoft’s projects are in the top of the industry, with certain success. is a marketplace similar to Vatgia. Mr. Binh sold a 20% stake to Ebay and brought Ebay to Chodientu with the ambition to expand the trade of foreign and domestic goods. After seeing the groupon models are so hot, I should set up another project, the type of groupon model but the marketplace. Next is to open more foreign shopping sites like Weshop, while Boxme takes care of international business logistics.

I do not understand why multi-sided marketplace sites often open more sales-group sites to sell, what do multi-sided do but cannot. Fear of conflict-of-interest?

“I don’t care” is a saying of the consumer as well as the main partner, Ms. Mai Hoa.

Chodientu thrived from 2015 to 2016, it can be considered as the peak. As the first quarter of 2016 just ended, Mr. Binh held a press conference, announcing his confrontation with Alibaba when he heard that Alibaba had jumped into Vietnam.

Chodientu and Ebay were like a couple going back and forth. The two sides carry each other that goes.

In the early spring of the Western calendar year, Ebay separated from chodientu, abolishing the domain Since then the love is closed, light as the clouds …

After declaring a confrontation with Alibaba, the Chodientu gradually lost its breath, until now, it has plunged down the slope. It seems to end the e-commerce block of Nexttech … But Mr. Binh, big ambition, will not stop there, the game is now O2O. (After going clear back)

During this period, it was difficult to do web, there were no platforms like Sapo, Haravan, web platforms just in phase 1.0, so digital marketing companies focused on offering Ms. Mai Hoa to do keyword SEO, forum seeding up. forums such as:

#twelfth. Five Seconds, Nhat Tao vs Swallow Silver, Dragon Flying – Each hero has one side

The core of these pages is Rao Vặt. From the beginning of the 21st century, in Vietnam, the most prominent is the forum pages (forums), with the most popular software is vBulletin, used to initialize forum pages. As for websites, as mentioned, in the early days of 1.0, the webpages did not have “interaction” with users. These classified business sites are categorized by model called: Listing.

With vBulletin or other open sources, forum pages grow like mushrooms after rain. In Vietnam, one person can do it, hundreds of people do so … These forums are for classifieds while Mai Hoa is for forum seeding, inserting backlinks, SEO keywords.

Ebay enters Vietnam, the competitor in the southern market is the Five Seconds of Japan Algae and the North is the Silver Dragon Flying.

Ebay Vietnam failed because of three main reasons:

i) First: Talking about competitors, understandably, ebay will blow away the above mentioned forum for advertising models, but Ebay did not meet the time, that is, the wrong time, because At that time, Nam had no online payment infrastructure.

PayPal is the best payment platform in the world, “of Ebay”, which can secure payment procedure but unfortunately PayPal is Ebay Global, not Ebay VN.

ii) Second: When alliance with chodientu, put ebay on On the other hand, chodientu places a double logo with ebay on its home index page. These two models are thought to be 100% Best Match but are actually the exact opposite. Thus, Chodientu positioned the brand on one side and done another.

Those who lead the Chodientu project are definitely middle-aged people, passionate about Cao Cao’s tactics but determined not to follow Sun Tzu. Cao Cao taught, “When the road is in trouble, I go home and ask my wife, my wife told me how to do the opposite is definitely successful”. But it was in China, and in Dai Viet, men who lived in the world wanted to succeed must first listen to their wives.

iii) The third is because,

# 13. Cho Tot – Road to dead ends

If Ebay enters Vietnam at the same time as Chotot, it can be said that there are only 02 players in the E-commerce market of C2C, led by Ebay, the second one is Cho Tot. And the forum pages are “oxidized” gradually …

The Chotot model follows a series of identical CMSs of the parent company, 701Search, headquartered in Singapore, which is a joint venture between Singapore Press Holdings Limited, Schibsted Media Group and Telenor Group.

Initially, Chotot was C2C, after that, it opened shops to sell more products, but 80% of the location focused on C2C.

Particularly for the C2C model in Vietnam, it cannot be monetized, because it is not possible to proceed to online payment. C2C model in other countries, monetize is simply because it can guarantee payment procedure in both directions, including refund.

Vietnam does not. Even if there are 5 more years, it is not possible. Chotot made C2C want to solve this problem in 5 years can’t …

So the main revenue stream of Chotot is “advertising” in a general way, for example, pumping ads to the top of a certain session is also considered as advertising.

Chotot is the E-commerce C2C final boss so far but positioning the business model to make money is wrong.

In the beginning, Chotot was a super good marketing, ranking reached Top Vietnam. (If) Knowing that C2C cannot monetize, focus on advertising. Direct positioning is always Chotot-ads for shops to advertise when opening up multiple industries and can focus on some segments that can “lay golden eggs” …

If Chotot removed all the crap messages and focused on Chotot-ads, it can be said, up to the present time, eating out Zalo-ads. Of course, that can’t be compared to Facebook ads.

Chotot, if there were no giant corporations backing, “strong because of violence for money” but in my opinion there is some money laundry, it would have shutdown early.

I do not understand one thing, Chotot has been 7 years, without doing anything but crap features like good Dong. No shopping cart, no conduct online payment, what to do? Draw flowers draw leaves to draw branches? Which made shopping cart even more so I said Chotot – the road to dead ends …

Once upon a time, when I went to page 701 Search, there were about a dozen alike Chotot pages spread over the continents, with the same CMS identical in layout. But today there are two pages leftover. I don’t know how the shareholder structure changed but I guess more than half of the projects were closed or sold. Fortunately for Chotot, Ebay entered Vietnam at the wrong time, so the forum pages still exist, the advertising model still exists, so Chotot is still the C2C king.

But unfortunately things will come to Chotot, that is,

# 14. Shoppee – The creator of the future

(After going clear back)


Sales staff Vat Gia, Red Lotus call to tell her about B2B2C, B2B, B2C … Zalora and Lazada employees tell her about the blue ocean, that the niche market, then one-sided marketplace, multi-sided marketplace, come on is sales campaign, promotion … Hotdeal staff, Nhommua, Cungmua told me about sales margin, group-buying, minimum-buying … She hung up the phone, thinking, “I’m tired”.

This time, she rushed straight into the face of the mighty and fierce monk.

The captain waved his hand and said: “Wait and wait.

“Yes, sorry, I am crazy these days, I have attended many enrichment courses but still do not understand about e-commerce, which is B2B, B2C, B2B2C, C2C, Group-buy, Crowd-sales, Minimum-buying , Sales margin … please ask, easy to understand. “

The counselor scanned her left and right, this time she wore a Burberry jumpsuit, a Puma coat, and Dr. pair of legs. Martens, Hermes handbags … of course in-house goods, stock available.

The elder master made tea, invited her to meditate, graciously asked: “You have to be at a bad situation.”

“Did you ask?”

“Oh, I forgot.” The master took a sip of tea, suddenly pointed to the pond, silhouetted her sitting in the backlight, the ripples curved in the middle was a swimming duck scorpions.

Ms. Mai Hoa thought deeply for a moment and then said, “The monk’s mind is moving but he has to keep his mind calm, adventurous like a duck pedaling water, his whole body gently rising but his right leg is shaking. Life is a constant effort, non-stop, follow the water. Life has to balance itself, my work is floating outside, she said while looking down, blushing blushing … and hidden life inside, yin and yang is the one, that’s the morality in this life. ?

– Right.

“But what does that have to do with my question?”

“Oh, I forgot, wait a minute.”

The Military Master took out a bunch of chopsticks and said. Now:

– She sells each product to the customer is called B2C.
– She sold them one by one and / or people took them all for sale to help her on their sales platform, then collect a commission, B2B2C.
– She sold them all to the same person and they bought and sold them again called B2B, wholesale wholesalers.
– Similar to wholesale wholesalers but not with the same person but with a large group of people, it is called “group buying”. Crowd-sales are the same, there’s no difference.

“But I posted it everywhere, regardless of the price, now I care about retail, wholesale, deal sale. Every sale she sold, the loss is also sold wholesale, retail, deal sale are the same. Don’t worry about being tired. ”

She smiled affectionately and looked at each other without speaking, saying goodbye to the military master.

She joined the forums to share experiences in importing non-official goods from China to Lang Son, from which she was transferred to all regions of the country.

Only later did she discover, no longer selling No Brand or OEM anymore but taking her brand name:
Writing in two rows, like the Uniqlo logo, breaking a dandelion branch to make a difference. distinct.


Now she is more relaxed and has time to spend time with friends.

“Hey, I just bought a genuine phone of VND 4 million, reduced to VND 3 million on the occasion of Thegioididong opening the 9th store”.

The friend could barely see the door closed behind her when she turned and left without a word, coldly speaking.

She went to find a counselor.

On the way, she stopped by to buy 02 Thanh Tra Thuy Bieu as gifts. Thanh Tra Thuy Bieu has been famous for hundreds of years in Hue, since ancient times it was a fruit of the king and the Buoi family. She studied Yoga so this time sitting, sitting cross-legged, asked:

“My inventory is too much, but I can’t open more stores, what can I do?”

The military counselor looked at her, took a sip of tea, suddenly pointed down two Water Berries …

Ms. Mai Hoa thought deeply for a moment and then said, “The mentor’s intention is to expand the business first focusing on product quality, building his own brand. Such as these two Thanh Tra Thuy Bieu fruits, the brand has existed for hundreds of years because it is like a juicy, grapefruit. They say better wood than paint, focusing on quality first and then quantity. Whatever you do Fast Fashion must go from quality to up. Quality products are brand new to endure, business is built to last, right?

“No, I mean the two grapefruit are delicious.”

“But what does that have to do with my inventory?”

“I forgot …”

Inventory is much strategic this time, “Turn other people’s store into your own warehouse.” Doing business, the first thing is to think of cooperation to have a sustainable ecosystem.

This time she came and went like a god, as fast as the wind.

She came back to set up a merchandiser team … to every other fashion and lifestyle store establishing a win-win cooperation relationship.

She did the right 02 things:

One is sponsoring two lightbox signs, showing only a small area called “MAI HOA – OFFICIAL PARTNERS”. The second is giving up goods for the shop owner to pay high commission and request to receive the goods in return.

Shop owners find that there are only two ways to make extra money:

One is to expand the category. The other is to open more stores.

Both ways need more capital, while Ms. Mai Hoa supports them both without spending a penny more …

Since then, Mai Hoa has built a cross-network of fashion retail chains with her other local retailers. Build a supply chain system from the Central to the South.


If the whole Vietnam shrinks to only two people, there are only two talented girls, two who want to change Vietnam’s textile and apparel industry, namely Ton Nu Mai Hoa and Le Hoang Uyen Uyen.

Uyên Uyên has just graduated as a valedictorian major in finance from George Washington USA, returned to Vietnam, bought the domain name, and planned to develop e-commerce for the fashion industry.

Waking up one morning, Uyen Uyen talked to himself:

Ok Google!
The mirror is on the wall
Who is beautiful in the world?
“Ton Nu Mai Hoa”.
– WTF?

Ok Google!
Mirror on the wall
Who is better in the world than me?
“Ton Nu Mai Hoa”

Ok Google!
“Send me Mai Hoa’s location, now”.
– Here you go 16°26’24.4″N 107°34’56.2″E

Written by Hung kaka
Editor: Doocvii